Aaron loves fruit chews. We have found Elmo fruit chews, Pooh fruit chews, and the highly-coveted Bob the Builder fruit chews. We ration this sugary snack because Aaron is known to pack them away in his cheeks for too-long-at-a-time. Fruit Chew time is usually spent with me reminding him to chew them up or he will have to spit them out. Today Aaron decided to share his precious Bob fruit chews with me. I was busy feeding Victoria, so I graciously accepted his feeding me the fruit chew and declared it to be the tastiest fruit chew I had ever eaten. Aaron decided then that I needed more. He immediately fed me “anunner” and “anunner” and “anunner” until my mouth was so full of fruit chews I covered my mouth with my hand to prevent the inevitable overload. As I hurried to swallow them down, Aaron showed me the cup of fruit chews he had been feeding me. They were shinier than I remembered them looking in the package. Aaron explained, “See, Mommy? I spit them out!”