I had taken the children to a local park one sunny summer afternoon to play.  Victoria was 3, Aaron 4.  Aaron was interested in the slide, where two older boys (probably age 6 or so) were playing.  The other boys were putting sand on the ladder of the slide, and when Aaron would try to climb, they would push the dirt onto his feet.  They weren’t overly abusive, but I recall wanting to say something to them in an effort to relieve Aaron of the burden.  He obviously wasn’t going to speak up for himself.  After about three rounds of sand distraction and bully-laughs from the other boys, Aaron decided playing on the slide wasn’t worth all that after all.  One of the boys finally made an offending comment to him, and he just stood there, not sure what to say or do.  As I was just about to spring to my feet, Victoria came from out of nowhere, plopped herself in front of Aaron facing the other two boys, placed her fists on her little hips and hollered, “YOU LEAVE MY BROTHER ALONE!!” 

I love that girl!!