As Victoria had trouble with the incentive chart concept the first day, it’s only fitting that Aaron have his moment to bemoan the reward program. They were sitting at breakfast this morning and Aaron had a small craft project going on next to his cereal bowl. What’s new? He needed an item (scissors, probably) that Victoria had. Without him really asking for it, I overheard her sweetly say, “Here Aaron. You can have this.” I immediately told her how nice it was that she was sharing, and for that sweet gesture she had earned a sharing heart to put on her chart. Aaron thought the heart was so cool, and he wanted one too. He had already grasped the concept that the good deed had to be done unprompted by me, so he suddenly turned to Vic and tried to give her something…something she didn’t particularly need right then. I overheard, “Here Vic, you can have this.”
“I don’t want it.”
“But I’m SHARING with you. Here, take it.”
“I don’t want it.”
“Mommy, Vic won’t let me share with her!!”
When it starts out like that, it’s gonna be a long day.