Just prior to Easter, in an effort to point out that the Easter Bunny’s pending visit was not the crux of the holiday, I ventured into explaining the Trinity to Aaron and Victoria – a lesson I knew would be over their heads, but important nonetheless. We sat on my bed talking about how the Three are also One. I admit I did a lot of repeating myself because Aaron was wiggling and restlessly sprawling all over the bed as if to say “yeah, we get it. Can we go now?” Victoria punctuated every sentence I said with, “But why?” and in a feeble attempt to answer her, I kept droning.

When I was finally satisfied that I had said all I could say on the subject, I asked if there was anything they wanted to add about the Father, the Son, or the Holy Spirit. Victoria replied, “He’s on my shoulders.”


“He’s on my shoulders.”


“The Holy Spirit!” (duh, Mom!) and she touched both shoulders as she completed making the Sign of the Cross. I gazed at her, smiling, and she proceeded to cross herself again, this time saying, “See? Father, Son, Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is on my shoulders!” How amazing, I thought. Is that what it means? Did my four-year-old just educate me on what should have been obvious? The Spirit was left, after all, to continue showing us the way. Is He poised like a protective parent, hands on the child’s shoulder to keep the child from straying too far, perhaps leaning to whisper in our ear the way we should choose in our daily decisions?

As I contemplate the Sign of the Cross now, I am renewed with the vision of God in our thoughts, Jesus in our hearts, and the Holy Spirit gently guiding us by the shoulders. Thank you, Vic, for your wisdom. I love learning from you.