In the car this morning, driving to school through thick fog, Aaron asked why it was so foggy. I launched into an explanation of hot-air/cold-air and what happens when they meet. Aaron contemplated my answers, and pondered aloud a new question: “I wonder if it’s foggy in Mexico.” (I wouldn’t know.) And then, as if a new realization had suddenly struck him, “I’ve never BEEN to Mexico!”

From the sidekick next to him (Victoria): “I have.”

Aaron quickly corrected her. “No you haven’t!”

“Yuh-huuuuhh. I have TOO been to Mexico!”

Now, Aaron cannot stand to hear Victoria fib, and is quick to call her to task when he senses her losing loyalty for the truth. So, through clenched teeth Aaron reprimands, “Victoria, YOU HAVE NOT BEEN TO MEXICO!!!”

To which she stubbornly replied, “Well, I’ve been to TACO BELL!”