Last night as we were preparing for bedtime, Victoria informed me that ALL of her classmates have “webkins” and she must have one too! We discussed what Webkins are (since I did not know) and I told her that she has a birthday coming up and that might be a perfect time to seek such a toy. Besides, who are ALL these people with webkins? “Everybody in my class!”

“Like who? Give me names.” She proceeded to name three kids. Out of the 21 who ALL supposedly have webkins, we narrowed it down to three who actually have them.

Fast forward twelve hours. We are preparing to leave for school; Dom has already arrived at work and calls to tell me that there is an accident on my route and to plan a little extra time. I weigh the options of going the usual way, or finding an alternate route to avoid the hassle. I tell the kids that we are probably going to go a different way to school, and that it might take us a little longer than usual. (They are BIG backseat drivers, so I try to give them the gameplan early – saves them from freaking out when I take an unexpected turn.)

As we drive, however, I determine that our original route is unblocked, and we proceed as usual. Still stuck on “it might take longer to get to school,” Victoria complains that all her friends will already be at school by the time she arrives. Oh, please. I ask, “Who will already be there?” She replies, “ALL my friends! Everybody!”

With as much sarcasm as I have ever heard him use, Aaron asks, “Who?! Those three kids who have webkins??!!!”