As I recall the situation, Victoria was just learning to read at the end of her Kindergarten year.  She resisted reading so much, and was so unlike Aaron in this regard.  One night, we were all piled on Aaron’s bed encouraging Victoria to read our bedtime story.  I was sitting between Aaron and Vic holding the book, and Dom was standing across the room.  Vic struggled with each word, punctuated by whining and huffing as I gently corrected her on those she was missing.  Finally, she mis-read the word “red,” calling it “rod.”  Aaron, who had been following along, and sweetly encouraging her despite her grumpiness, had reached his limit.  “The word is ‘red,’ Victoria.  R-E-D, RED!”  Victoria never even looked up from the book.  Her left arm bulleted across me and her fist struck Aaron in the side of the head. Literally before he knew what hit him, Aaron was laying on his back on the floor, blinking up at the ceiling.  His pride was wounded more than anything, and Victoria was punished for hitting her brother.  But we all learned a little something about our princess that evening.  When she has had enough, no mater how much she loves you, watch out!!