So this is the picture for Victoria’s Kindergarten Graduation. I have shared this story with so many people… now I share the picture and the story together. When Victoria went to school the morning of these pictures, her hair was “styled” in a partial pony-tail, possibly with a ribbon or bow, since I was told ahead of time that no “caps” would be worn in these cap-and-gown pictures.

I had no idea any other adornments were on her person to be memorialized in photos. BUT APPARENTLY, we should have named her Victoria Stealth, because the “jewelry” seen in this picture was sneaked onto campus in her backpack. On the evening that these proofs came home, I anxiously examined them and was at first struck by how professional she seemed to look. My thoughts lingered momentarily on her hairstyle, but since it looked nice, I didn’t dwell. But, she’s wearing a necklace, isn’t she? What is that neckace? Is it a choker? It looks so familiar…I’ve seen it before. It’s not mine. Was it a gift from someone? No. Where do I know that necklace from?!! Why, wait a minute…it’s not a necklace…it’s all coming to me now…it’s…it’s…IT’S A TOY DOG COLLAR FROM BUILD-A-BEAR WORKSHOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VICTOOOOOORIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was instantly furious, but by morning, I found the whole thing hysterically amusing. The bracelet on her arm is her ponytail holder. And, as several friends pointed out, she does accessorize quite well. 😉