I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this lately, but I am a list maker. I make all kinds of lists: grocery, to-do, wish… you name it, I have a list for it. Not that I ever return to the list, mind you. See, part of the reason for all of my lists is that I misplace them as soon as I write them. Thus, the need for yet another list…

One day I was cleaning the counter of all the mail and papers that had piled during the week when I came across THIS list. Aaron’s Morning Checklist – prompted, I’m sure, by my verbal list of instructions each morning before school, and the inevitable shouting of, “WHY must I say everything TWICE?!” I was intrigued by the detail he put into the list, and I got the greatest enjoyment out of the “optional” items. Incase you can’t read the photo above, this list reads like this:

Get dressed
Turn fish light on
Feed fish
Brush teeth
Brush hair
Eat breakfast
Pack lunch
Get iPod (optional)
Put binder in backpack
Put lunch in backpack
Bring blanket (optional)
Put jacket on
Put backpack on

He is so very much like me…