The other night Victoria asked me, “Mommy, do you believe in fairy tales?

“Are you asking if I believe Cinderella is real? Or are you asking if I believe that fairy tales can happen to real people?”

“Fairy tales happening to real people,” she confirmed.

So I took this opportunity to share my thoughts on life and expectations. I explained to her that I believe in Love above all else. And that love is honest, and that it takes a lot of work. Nothing happens in real life as easily as it happens in a 30 minute bedtime story (much to every little princess’s dismay…I just don’t want her learning it too late.) I told Victoria that two people who love each other, like the people in the fairy tales, have to work at their lives together and sometimes it’s not a lot of fun. Sometimes you have to give up things you want, be a little less selfish in order to help the one you love. But if the prince and the princess are both honest with each other, and talk about their differences, and truly love each other, then yes, Victoria, their lives can – on some days – feel like a fairy tale.