Just spent some time cleaning off the camera card, and came across these new favorites:

First, Aaron and Victoria were in the backyard this weekend – Aaron was showing her something on the iPod.  They looked so cute I just had to snap some pics from inside the house so I wouldn’t disturb them.  I love how well they get along!!

 Then they spied me spying on them!

Also on this card is a photo of the latest cross-stitch creation from Charolette.  This she made for Dom.  After she had it framed and showed it to me, I said, “Oh, I know just where to hang that!”  to which she gently replied, “Dom said it was going to his office.”  Hmmmppfff!  😉

And last, but not least, these two decided to have a wrestling match in the middle of us doing our state taxes tonight.  I paused long enough to get some good tooth-shots.  This is our dear Mabel and Mason…and their pearly whites.  We don’t quite understand Mabel’s fascination with being upside down.  She stands on her head a lot.