We are a nicknaming kind of family. Aaron often answers to “Double A” while Victoria was tagged early with Miss Congeniality’s “Gracie Lou Freebush.” It’s a knack we have. I was pondering all our nicknames for Mason and Mabel the other day and realized we have quite a list!

Before we acquired Mason as a puppy, I already had him named. Taking Mason Stone from a Steven Segal movie, Mason Stone Mainiero was destined for pure greatness. However, he also answers to: Masonite, Monkey, Monk, Monkasaurus, Funky Monkey, Funkmeister, Funkasaurus Rex, Yella Dog, Big Yella, Furball, S***ball, Old Man, Huggin’ Man, Fur Factory, Poop Factory and Jealous.

Mabel was also named before we met her. I wanted a female black lab to complement Mason, and we would name her Mabel for the sole privilege of shouting out, “Hey Mabel, Black Label!!” I was so tickled with myself at the cleverness of the name! However, she has acquired the nicknames of Mabel Label, Mabelline, The Leine, Miss Mabel, Little Girl, Teeny Weeny Mabellini, Mabelline Jumpin’ Bean, Black Dog, Vixen, the Vixenator, the Destroyer, the Destructor, Fur Factory, Poop Factory and Jealous.

I love my zoo.   🙂