Meet Walter.  Walter came to our home from some random toy-producing party the kids attended.  Small, adult-palm size bright red teddy bear with now uneven eyes as a result of too much “gettin’ to know ya” time with Mabel.  Walter was accompanied by Cupcake, a brown bear of equal presence. I haven’t seen Cupcake in a while.  Walter, however, makes an appearance at least bi-weekly.  And in the oddest of ways.
Typically, Walter arrives on the scene because Mabel has scooped him and given him a new ‘do. She loves Walter and can’t resist him.  Ever.  Good thing he’s bright red…makes him easy to spot hanging out of her mouth.

But today Walter made a highly unusual appearance, and it struck me as downright funny. During lunch I stopped at the store for some milk. Trying to hold three gallons while wrestling the car door open, I didn’t notice anything fall out. But when I closed the door, something red caught my eye on the parking lot – as I looked down at the red puff on the ground, my first thought was, hmmm…looks like Walter. Then it hit me. Holy smokes! It IS Walter!! Suddenly I felt like Tom Hanks in Castaway when he rescued Wilson and vowed to never let him go again. And then I realized how funny the whole thing was. I snapped a pic with the phone, scooped him up and tossed him onto Aaron’s seat.

I get a kick out of Walter.