Despite the trauma of the hermit crab story, Victoria persists in having a small, cuddly pet all her own. And while, yes, I agree that a puppy would be ideal for the unity of our four-legged children, I just don’t think we can handle three dogs. And besides, Mabel is supposed to be Aaron and Vic’s puppy, right? Rrrriiiiiiiiiight…

Vic asked me the other day if she could have a hamster. Yuk. I now know better than to hold a pet ransom for good behavior, but there is nothing stopping me from insisting the pet be earned before it is owned. I told Vic if she met her AC Math goal this quarter that I would get her a hamster, or some other equally rodent-like critter. I decided I’d better arm myself with information, and fast!

I talked it over with my friends at work and learned that a hamster might not be ideal for my own sanity. Another co-worker suggested a bunny rabbit, and after she shared with me how gentle and easy her kids’ rabbit is, I was sold!! And it didn’t take long to convince Vic that this was a much better pet idea. In fact, in just five days Victoria brought her AC Math points up from 2 to 15. We now have a mere 5 points to go!! In celebration of the near-victory, we went to the pet store to look at bunnies on Sunday. Wow. They are so darn cute!!! We picked one out and Victoria held it for nearly 45 minutes straight. It’s love, y’all. Pure hoppy love!

We left the bunny at the pet store, with my insistence that all the math points must be earned before purchase. But I have a feeling those last 5 points will be captured within the next 24 hours, so we can bring home – are you ready for this? – Marsha Mallow Mainiero.