Today is indeed a special day for moms, and while my mom and I will celebrate together next Friday, I want to take today to celebrate the mothers dear to my heart, who inspire me quite more than they will ever understand. Here’s to you, ladies!!

To Charolette, for raising the man I love.

To Elaine, whose children not only come first in her life, they are first in her thoughts every minute of every day, and it shows.

To Ginger, for the camaraderie in AC Math, AR, homework, progress reports…I could go on and on.

To Jill, for being so much more than a mom, and for leading by example: children trump job, every time.

To Kasie, who could feed the world from her very own kitchen, with one hand tied behind her back.

To Kathy, kind and gentle matriarch of our wonderful school, who loves hundreds of kids as if each were her very own. Thank you for your care of my babies.

To Kim, my Convert Comrade, who reassures me of my own abilities when I begin to doubt myself. “I’m just a vessel!”

To Margie, who is my example to follow in talking openly with my kids about everything, for reminding me not to take myself too seriously, and that there is always a reason for a good laugh.

To Mary, for hanging tough with me by saying, “You’re too freaking young for a cell phone, missy!!”

To Melissa, who makes it all look so easy, though I know it has been anything but.

To Mickey, who has raised six children and countless animals, for fast becoming my source of reassurance as I wrap my head around the different personalities of my children, especially the personality that differs from my own.

To Aunt Penny, for being so open and giving, and for allowing those she loves to be themselves.

Last but certainly not least, to my own mom, Jan, for giving me Life – in every sense of the word.

My sweet friends, I thank you for the therapy sessions, the encouragement, the light you radiate and the love you share. Happy Mothers’ Day to YOU!