I’ve been sniffling and sputtering for about a week now, longer if you count the two weeks that my eyes itched and burned. So I just chalked it all up to seasonal allergies. After all, I had noticed Grass Pollen finally made its appearance on the pollen charts and I typically battle with oak, grass and ragweed at their respective times of year. I was trying to be a sweet wife when I mowed the yard last Monday while Dom was out of town. Despite driving right through a dustbowl and knowing immediately that I would pay dearly for it, I came in from the chore and took all necessary precautions to rid myself of any freeloading pollen spores. Shower, hair washing, and nasal wash. Ha! Take that, seasonal allergies!!

So why was I so stuffy on Tuesday? By lunchtime Wednesday I felt genuinely crummy, and so began to take stock of what was new in my routine. Well, I mowed. And oops…I had some honey on a sandwich. And, well, I have been visiting the pet store since Sunday. But I wouldn’t be going back to the pet store regularly since we brought home the bunny, Marsha Mallow.

I would not face it.

Nope, don’t even utter it!

I can NOT be allergic to the bunny. Do you hear me? C-A-N-N-O-T!!!!

I finally uttered the idea to my mom. “What if?” Then I described all of the accoutrements that we bought for Marsha. She eats hay. HAS to have it as part of her daily diet. Mom shared, “I could never go on hayrides because I’m so allergic to hay!” And wouldn’t you know, mom and I have parallel allergies!

So I spent the next 48 hours praying that I am not allergic to Marsha. I can handle being allergic to her hay. Dom mentioned the idea to Vic, who came straight to me and asked “What if?” I promised her that if I am allergic to Marsha, we will just work around it. Marsha is here to stay.

Now what?

Well, I went to my doctor this afternoon. I love that she can see me on such short notice! I have been diagnosed with a cold. Maybe a little seasonal allergy layered in there somewhere, but definitely not a reaction to Marsha. The hay is still in question, but with some prescriptions and rest I should be symptom free soon.

And that makes me very hoppy!