In 1999 Dom and I moved from the apartment we had inhabited for three years into our first house, where we still reside. And to this day, I can name the three items that never made it from the apartment to the house. For whatever reason, I cannot seem to let it go. I had packed and labeled everything so neatly, even pre-designating each box to be delivered to a certain room in the house. So here’s the list. Since November 30, 1999, I have not seen:

My favorite door mat. A rugged mat for outdoor use, it had a silhouetted Labrador sitting on the edge of a marsh, surrounded by cattails. It reminded me of Bull, the original “Best Dog Ever.” My best guess is that it caught some wind riding down Bert Kouns and left to have its own adventure. I originally bought it at WalMart, but of course I can’t find a duplicate.

A 6” Waterford crystal clock, grandfather style, given to me by my college employer. I always displayed the clock next to the Waterford water pitcher he gave us as a wedding gift. The pitcher made it to the house. The clock has not been seen. I can’t imagine where it ended up. But wherever it is, it is packaged neatly in its original blue velvet padded box with magnetic lid.

My rosary. Now, I’m not a big rosary-praying person, but I like tote-able trinkets, and I really liked the beads on this one. It had clear beads that were cut at angles, but still felt smooth. And it had a little weight to it, so it felt good in my hands. I used to keep it under my pillow just so that when I slid my hand under there to get comfy and go to sleep I would feel it and remember to say a little prayer as I drifted off. I miss those beads. Haven’t found a good replacement yet.

So that’s it. Ten years of wondering what happened to some of my favorite things. If we lost more than these three items, they were things I didn’t care too much for, and haven’t noticed their absence. But these three things I miss regularly.

I wonder if St. Anthony imposes a statute of limitations on lost items…