The previous post really gave me some release on what has been bothering me for the past two weeks. I appreciate the responses I got from everyone! In the midst of determining what to do with my frustration, I have spawned a new blog, One Purpose Driven Mom. I wanted to snag the domain, but alas, someone beat me to it. But it’s just a page of links to baby stuff, and doesn’t look entirely maintained, so I don’t feel bad about tweaking the name to work for me. My apologies for any offense to other so-named purpose driven moms on the web. 😉

The purpose of my purpose-driven purposeness is to instill a better, more positive, healthier habit each day for the next year. 365 changes in 365 days. Yes, it’s quite an undertaking, but I feel it will be worthwhile.

Feel free to check the progress along the way or join me in the quest for better habits! 🙂