My friend Jessica shares a fine tradition on her blog by celebrating birthdays with tributes to her friends. My list-making left-brained self LOVES this idea! Dom and I celebrated our anniversary on June 1, and since I have spent my time reeling from what I’ve learned about product ingredients, I have not taken the time to pay special tribute to our 14th Anniversary. I’ll have to save most of my Why-I-Love-Dom items for his birthday tribute in October, so I have put a little twist on the traditional meme. For our anniversary, and before the month runs out, here is my list of 14 songs that explain how I feel about the man I love more than life.

1. To Each His Own (Al Martino) – the song of our first dance as Mr. & Mrs.
“Two lips must insist on two more to be kissed, or they’ll never know what love can do. To each  his own, I’ve found my own. My one and only you…”

2. Johnny and June (Heidi Newfield)
“I wanna love like Johnny and June, rings of fire burning with you. I wanna walk the line, walk the line til the end of time. I wanna love, love you that much, cash it all in, give it all up…”

3. April Showers (Sugarland)
“If I had one wish, I’d wish for two. One for me, baby and one for you. And it would find you right where you are, with time on your hands and hope in your heart. We both understand we were written in the stars…”

4. November Rain (Guns and Roses)
“And when you take the time to lay it on the line I can rest my head just knowing that you are mine, all mine…”

5. I Love You Til the End (The Pogues)
“I just want to be there when the morning light explodes on your face, it radiates, I can’t escape. I love you ’till the end…”

6. Cowboy Hat in Dallas (Charlie Daniels Band)
“And there ain’t a cowboy hat in Dallas if I ain’t in love with you!”

7. If You Go (Vedera)
“If you go, well I’m going with you – if you know, if you know me at all.”

8. Seat Next To You (Bon Jovi)
“Baby, say that you’ll take me wherever you’re going to. Baby, I want you to save me a seat next to you…”

9. I Need You (Tim McGraw and Faith Hill)
“’Cause I need you like a lighthouse on a coast, like the Father and the Son need the Holy Ghost…”

10. Passenger Seat (SheDaisy)
“I look to my left, see his suntanned hands, his muddy-river hair and his thousand-acre plans. I’m all shook up like a quarter in a can. Ain’t life sweet in the passenger seat?”

11. Huckleberry (Toby Keith)
“Baby I’ll be your Huckleberry, you don’t have to double dare me. If the world gets wild and scary count on me to be right there…”

12. You Took the Words Right Out of my Mouth (Meatloaf)
“And then you took the words right out of my mouth. Oh, it must have been while you were kissing me…”

13. They All Laughed (Ella Fitzgerald)
“They all said we never could be happy. They laughed at us and how! But ho, ho, ho! Who’s got the last laugh now?…”

14. The Very Thought of You (Billie Holiday)
“I see your face in every flower, your eyes in the stars above.  It’s just the thought of you, the very thought of you my love…”

15. Day Too Soon (Sia)
“Yeah, I’ve been waiting all my life. You’re not a day, you’re not a day too soon…”

Happy Anniversary, Love.  🙂  You’re my lobster!