Typically, the Mabel List would include the millions of random things that she has eaten.  Or the hundred items she has stolen from my countertop.  Or the dozens of critters she wants to eat.  Or the 3 places she loves to bite Mason.  But tonight, the Mabel List contains an item I never thought I would see on her list…

Mabel might actually be afraid of something.

Insane, right?

I’ve been at the computer for a little while tonight, and I noticed Mabel would come into the office and then leave without really fooling with me.  Not really her style, but I’ve been busy.  Then Dom came in and said she was acting strangely. We think she might be afraid of the thunder.  She’s pacing and looking bothered.  Mabel…afraid.  Go figure.  Mason could care less.  He just wants to know when we’re going to bed.  But now the rain is coming down and the thunder and lightning are getting closer and closer, and I think Mabel is about to wig out. 

We’d better head upstairs and get her comfy laying across Dom’s feet so she feels like she has control of at least something in this crazy, rainy world.  She can be fearless again tomorrow.