Today is my friend and co-worker Mickey’s birthday. We are planning to celebrate in the next few minutes, after which I am convinced we will all be in a sugar-induced coma, and our diets will be shot for the day. So, I need to get this posted now. In the spirit of birthday blogs, I offer the following TOP TEN reasons I love Mickey.

1. She counsels me through my maternal meltdowns.

2. She cleverly decorates our Halloween pumpkin candy-holder to fit all holidays. My favorite was the purple cloth drape covering the pumpkin (and its supply of candy) during Lent.

3. Age is just a number! Mickey is the forever kind of young we all hope to be.

4. She makes a killer muffaletta pasta.

5. She has experienced every school-age homework crisis one can imagine, and she assures me they are all temporary.

6. She has some crazy hysterical stories of things she has done. My favorite of these involves her husband’s boat. 😉

7. She likes details. I like details. We work well together. 

8. She has taught religious education, and is always willing to share great ideas with me for my class.

9. She loves Van Halen. And she informed me of the difference between “Van Halen with David Lee Roth…and that other crap.”

10. She is a survivor. I would wear pink any day for her.

Have a wonderful birthday, Mickey!!!