Today is Margie’s birthday, another of my beloved co-workers, and it is my privilege to honor her with a birthday meme. This is a significant birthday, by the way, and I hope she doesn’t kill me for going “live” with the news: Margie is 50 today!!!!!! We have appropriately draped her office in black. I know she will get a kick out of it, because she’s fun like that. So, without further adieu, here are the Top Ten reasons I think Margie is so darned awesome (drum roll, please…)

1. Because she can be counted on to wear festive springy-antennae headbands for every holiday.

2. Her rum cake. Need I say more???

3. Because she is known to put crazy signs like this on her office door:

4. Because she is one of my Mom Role Models.

5. Because when I need to vent, she’s there to listen. And then she shows me the humorous side of the situation.

6. Because she knows what I weigh…and judges not.

7. Because she is always willing to convert any recipe we bring her into a healthier concoction.

8. Because we have stood shoulder to shoulder in battle. Granted, the battle front was the postage machine, but we were both exhausted and covered in red ink, so it resembled the worst of any office battle we’d ever seen.

9. Because when I reply to her emails, I’m usually crass and quippy, and it makes her laugh out loud instantly. I love that laugh!

10. Because she is beautiful inside and out, a captivating spirit and a treasured friend.

Happy Birthday, Margie. You rock!