Remember Dobby’s warning to Malfoy in The Chamber of Secrets right after he’d been given the sock? We said this very same thing to Mabel yesterday, in much the same voice.

As usual, I was on the computer and Mason was asleep on the floor behind my chair. Mabel was wandering around downstairs. She has recently discovered the bunnies in Vic’s room, and loves to bark at them, so we gate the stairs to keep her away from them and give them some peace. Anyhoo, I knew Mabel was safe downstairs, and figured she was probably asleep in the garden room, where I often find her lately when I assume she is into mischief. So this time, I didn’t bother to investigate.

Big mistake. Huge!

Apparently, Mabel felt like doing a little reading, because we found pieces of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone littering three rooms. Victoria was aggravated because she was the one currently reading the book (and likely the one who had left it in Mabel’s reach.)

So now Mabel has earned herself the nickname of Malfoy, with all her mischievous intentions. I can’t exactly call her Voldemort, because she is not purely evil. She’s Malfoy…meddling around and being a real PITA to Harry, and sometimes to us.