Yesterday we travelled to my Mom and Dad’s shortly after picking up Emma’s pet marker from the monument company. It’s been a month now since Emma was buried in the backyard. I knew Mom and Dad would be ready for the stone to mark her spot in the yard next to Bull and Dayzi. Daddy went out alone to dig the hole for the marker, which stood about ten inches tall. He came back in and said it was time to set the marker. The remaining four of us joined him outside for the ceremonial placement of the stone.

We were all sad to mark Emma’s spot, but the task required dignity, respect and honor, and I was pleased to see my children offering all three for our friend and pet.

I checked in on Bull and Dayzi, brushed some grass away from their markers, and smiled at the happy memories they placed within my childhood. My kids will remember Emma in much the same way.


You are greatly missed, sweet Lemon. We do love you so.