“Mommy! Mommy! I had a great day today at cheer camp and there’s a new girl there and she’s in my stunt group and now she’s my friend and I had a great day and I didn’t even miss you!!”

Did you go there with me? Did your mind instantly flash to Father of the Bride when the little girl is sitting at the table talking about getting married, and then Steve Martin blinks his eyes and refocuses on his adult daughter who is all grown-up and beautiful and squealing with delight?

That’s where I went. Except I didn’t see the little girl at the table. I saw this one:

Listening to Victoria talking on the phone evokes images of this 3-year old every time. No matter how her voice matures in person, via telephone she is always cute, cuddly and curly-headed. My little Vic. My Mini-Me. My precious daughter who is growing up way too fast. I sort of revel in the fact that my sweet baby girl  with her infinite wonder and innocence still exists on the other end of the phone. I wonder how long that will last, and I pray that I don’t waste a moment of it.