And that I did! In the spirit of saving money, buying organic, and intentionally driving myself to the brink of insanity, I hit 5 grocery stores yesterday. That is not a typo, people. F-I-V-E.

Now you understand me a little better, don’t you? I’m starting to morph into “That Crazy Lady Who Writes a Blog.” You also understand why this post is a day late. I was tiii-yerd!

Now, let me explain that four of the grocery stores were separate locations of two chains. I have to know if different locations of the same chain will carry the same stuff for the same price. (I told you I overthink things!!) I can manage to plan my grocery days around Bossier and Youree Drive, but I have to be absolutely certain that the trip is worth the extra effort. So, of course, I had to hit ALL of them to see what products were on-hand and if the prices differed. I am pleased to report that the prices were consistent for each chain, and I believe I can narrow down my future grocery trips to only four stores.

Only four stores. That can seem pretty overwhelming if I really think about it, so let’s find something positive to focus on. Hmmmmmm…oh yes…check THIS out:

Kroger on Youree. A literal wall of organic produce. No more guessing…no more looking for the green labels. And right in front of this wall of produce is an organic fruit stand. No more wandering through their acre of produce for all my goods. One stop. Isn’t it beautiful????? I bought things I didn’t even need!!

But I also recognized that for all the wonderful things Kroger on Youree has in natural and organic products, the Kroger by my house carries all the same items that I am actually going to buy. It may not be as big a spread, but it suits me and saves me a trip if I have no other reason to go to Youree Drive.

So even though yesterday nearly killed me, and I managed to miss lunch because of all the shopping, it served the unique purpose of helping me understand my shopping situation so I can plan better next time. Next time, as I reflect on my completed grocery shopping, I won’t be tired, hungry and oh-so cranky (hopefully).

A reminder just popped up that it’s time to inspect the tires on our cars. 10-4. Crazy Lady out…