I have too much bread. Bread is expensive. Therefore, I must have too much expensive bread.

I do not buy gourmet bread varieties fresh from my local bakery, lest you get the wrong impression of me here on Day 84. I buy one loaf of whole wheat, and one loaf of white wheat (all Nature’s Own brand) straight off the shelf, and I giggle to myself when I find them on sale at WalMart. Aaron LOVES wheat bread, and Victoria is a white bread kind of girl. However, you may recall from the few days before school started when I referenced the kids using Sandwich Thins for their lunch sandwiches so they wouldn’t have to cut the crust off. I now buy those by the literal dozen.

So I gotta wonder: what all goes into a loaf of bread? How many preservative ingredients are used to keep it fresh on the shelf until I find it on sale? And then, with all that little $2.79 loaf has been through, the cashier stuffs it into a bag with my 59-cent canned goods. Arrrggghhhhhhhh.

I’ve decided to try something new, and I hope it flies. I am going to start making my own bread. I found organic flour last week, and picked up several yeast packets. I have a bread machine, so it’s not like you’ll drop by and find me covered in flour, kneading my little heart out at my kitchen countertop. Bread machine bread makes taller, more square-shaped loaves. I think this will keep the kids’ sandwiches from losing half their size with the cutting of the crust. And two whole bread machine loaves will definitely fit in my bread box.

I am headed into the kitchen now to make the first loaf. Wish me luck.