It’s time to clean the shower again.  I hate that chore.  I’d rather scrub baseboards.  Or toilets.  Really. 

I have a sliding shower door attached to the tub in the master bathroom.  The tub sits right up next to the toilet, leaving hardly any room between the two.  And when I clean the shower, I have to wriggle in between the tub and toilet, try to kneel down, and lean over the tub in order to scrub, somehow smacking my head on the door every time.  How uncomfortable does a single chore have to be, I ask you?

I found a new suggestion that I am willing to try.  Once I get the shower all spic-and-span with the last remaining dollop of chemical-crazed cleaner, I am going to begin the habit of spraying the shower down every morning…with hydrogen peroxide. 

Can you think of a more natural, cheaper cleaner?  $1 for a liter of product.  Way to go, right?  I mean, this is the same stuff that can make a dog regurgitate fifteen Zyrtec tablets (as seen on Day 29), so it must be pretty potent despite its blasé appearance.  We shall soon see.  I’ve already tried it a little to see if it would work on the tile grout that I noticed needs some attention.  By the way, I hate those little shower tiles…the ones that are only slightly bigger than a post-it note, with grout the thickness of a cross-stitch thread.  And mine is a beautiful Harvest Gold.  But before you think I got the better of those designer colors from the 70’s, you should know the kids’ bathroom is Avocado Green.  Jealous? 

Back to the cleaning: I spritzed and sprayed my shower this morning, and heard the faintest fizzing noise for several minutes afterward.  Ahhhh…peroxide at work.  Fizzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I’ll give this a try for the next couple of weeks and report back on the grout of my Harvest Gold.