As the weather begins to turn and thoughts of Halloween begin to enter the picture, I have three major concerns:

  1. Is it too early to put Monster Mash back into my playlist?
  2. Will I gain all my weight back by my natural addiction to candy corn?
  3. How on earth will I monitor the kids’ candy intake?!

I must admit the kids know what is in most all Halloween candy.  Victoria missed her cousin’s birthday party this past weekend, so Aaron came home with a goodie-bag for her.  Vic perused all the candy and announced as she prepared it for consumption, “Ooooh.  This one has Yellow 6 in it.  But it’s SOOOOO GOOD!!!!!”  (They particularly like Butterfinger candy bars.)

They have done so well at going without “all the bad stuff” that I hate to tell them they can’t have Halloween candy.  I was scolded by co-workers when I suggested disallowing Halloween candy.  And really, the scolding was quite warranted.  No Halloween candy?  Why don’t I just poison Santa’s reindeer while I’m at it?  No, I’ll be fair and allow candy.  But I will insist on limits.    

As for me…I have proven so far that if a sweet item has no chemically harmful ingredients in it, I am quite capable of over-indulgence. Need I mention the Newman-O’s again????  And I must confess that I have searched high and low for organic candy corn, and found it to be as mythical as unicorns.  So I am just waiting for the chance to pounce on some Brach’s, but I know that it could mean finding a few of the pounds I lost earlier.  So I will try very hard to avoid the candy aisle for another couple of weeks. Maybe I should just stick to lollipops and chocolate. 

Happy handy-dandy candy season!