I don’t know why I can’t just let this go.  Breakfast is an issue, even though we have successfully enjoyed breakfast together since I last wrote about it.  But now I am seeing things that I need to correct somehow before breakfast becomes an outright problem.

My typical nature is to want to cook everything.  PLEASE UNDERSTAND this does not mean that I do cook everything, just that I typically want to.  But we don’t all want to eat the same things in the mornings.  Hey, it’s taken us a while to get to this point.  I don’t want to blow it just because I got all uppity about my role in the cooking.

Mornings are rushed – their very nature makes that so.  Ideally, I’ll have everyone in the kitchen by 5’til 7 so that we can set the table, gather our drinks and sit down.  My morning routine does not leave me time to prepare four completely separate meals.  (Actually, two meals.  The kids are pretty handy on their own with a cereal bowl!)  And yesterday morning, I wanted something unusual at the last minute.  I decided to make these awesome fat-burning oatmeal pancakes.  Ok, the magazine article called them awesome.  Dom called them anything but, and phrased it in his usual kind way: “We don’t have to have these again, do we?”  I called them tolerable.  Perhaps they were only tolerable because I didn’t have all the specific ingredients called for in the recipe – I kind of improvised.  I will do the recipe justice later and prepare the pancakes as they were meant to be so that I can offer a fair and final evaluation.  But yesterday morning as I juggled bowls and batter, that just wasn’t happening. 

So in the middle of all this, it occurred to me that I really do need a breakfast menu – one with lots of options for pre-cooked recipes.  It’s grocery day again (ugh).  Maybe I can come up with something workable between now and Wal Mart.