I ran out of my all-natural face powder yesterday.  Thought I ran out of it the day before, but I managed to shake enough out yesterday morning to face the day again.  But today I was literally scraping the bottom of the barrel, and now I HAVE to go out in search of something new.  Something better. 

While I liked the Almay Pure Naturals loose powder, there were times during the day when I felt like you could see my makeup.  I don’t like that.  I need general smoothing, not an overall mask.  But with this idea that the powder may not be working like I wanted it to, I decided to use the Mary Kay mineral powder again just to remind myself of the look I was going for in a new powder.  I returned to using the Mary Kay for about four days. 

Now, we all know that it is ragweed season.  And I usually suffer from ragweed allergies so profound that I can mask the symptoms with Zyrtec only until I am bombarded by a sinus infection and all hell literally breaks loose inside my face.  I have a love/hate relationship with this time of year.  But, unlike any year prior to this one, while the pollen count was jumping off the charts I was virtually unaffected.  No Zyrtec necessary.  Zip.  Zilch.  Zero.   I was immensely surprised by this, and afraid to voice out loud (or put it here in writing) that I thought my turn-towards-the-natural had positively impacted my typical sufferings.  I felt like this was one for the books, if only for my personal chart-happy, habit-tracking books. 

But then I started sneezing (like seven times in a row – very not me) and my eyes were watering and my nose was itching like crazy.  The symptoms started one day, and the next day they were so bad that I left in the middle of work and headed to Walgreens for some Zyrtec.  I managed my symptoms that day and the next two, and on the fourth day decided my symptoms had subsided so that I really didn’t need any more Zyrtec, and wasn’t that just the weirdest episode???

Sometime during the next ten days I had one more attack of allergy symptoms, took a Zyrtec and returned to normal within the day.   The randomness of this while the pollen count remained high seemed very curious to me, so I started mapping out anything I had done differently during those days where my allergies were out of whack. 

Then it hit me.  Those were the days I was wearing the Mary Kay. I vowed to never touch the stuff again, and have been symptom-free while the pollen count remains high.  I am completely amazed. I am also ready to find a new powder.  It’s gotta have the finished look of Mary Kay, but the ingredient integrity of Almay.  I have a feeling it’s not going to be cheap. 

If the ingredients in my facial powder were so powerful that they altered so noticeably my natural reactions to my environment, what else did they do to me?  What are they doing to you?