After my near-meltdown yesterday over the makeup situation, I headed out today in search of new product.  I was in no mood to shop, however, and as I squatted beside a display in Sephora to review ingredient listings, a friend of mine came up and we began to chat.  I shared that I was in no mood to shop, and she shared that she loved shopping and had plans for a great day!  As we talked about my makeup dilemma, she asked if I had ever used Aloette makeup. 

Never heard of it.

I explained my dying Mary Kay loyalty and she shared her nearly 30-year Aloette loyalty, explaining that the latter had mostly natural ingredients in many of its products.  I was intrigued.  I asked where I could find it. 

“I sell it!”


Needing makeup within the hour, I quickly purchased some Tarte pressed powder and mascara which will hold me over until I can try out some of the Alloette products Helen told me about.  I feel like this is all going to work out well, and I can’t wait until I have more makeup news to share with you.  I’ll keep you posted!