I am completely remiss in not having posted this yesterday. I spent half the day trying to remember to text Jessica to wish her a Happy Birthday while she parties down at Disney World. Alas, I did not send the text before the day was done, so I am now sending a great big global wish to say Happy Birthday to the sweetest 26-year old I know!!

Here in traditional fashion are the Top Ten Reasons Jessica rocks:

1. She is a terrifically awesome magazine editor.

2. We share a fear of clowns, masks, and creepy faces.

3. She totally supports my natural and organic changes, and we share our experiences with all kinds of products.

4. Jessica said her dog Bonnie doesn’t like new people. Bonnie likes me. I felt like family.

5. We went to see the Goo Goo Dolls together this summer when they came to Shreveport. We had good seats, but Jessica still went right up to the stage and got some amazing pictures. I would never be brave enough to do that.

6. She introduced me to Thai and Vietnamese cuisine.

7. She is always willing coo with me over puppy pictures.

8. She studied in England and has some really cool stories.

9. She’s expecting her first child this spring, and I couldn’t be happier for her!!

10. She is sincerely kind and devastatingly beautiful.

Jess, I hope the Disney crew helped you and Mark celebrate right! See you Monday.

p.s. There will be cake of some sort at the office on Monday. If I have any control over the situation at all, it will be organic. 😉 Love ya!!