Time for another weekly review of things we’re changing and trying.  Here goes:

  • The Shoe Basket, which Mabel considered her personal toy box is now relocated to the foot of the stairs.  Now she is no longer able to dig out our sandals and hide them under furniture.  We pile all the shoes into the basket to get them out of our way and – ideally – everyone would collect his/her shoes from the basket on the way up the stairs.  We don’t quite have the hang of distributing the shoes upstairs, but the basket is a lovely collection piece downstairs.  (Day 55)
  • The kids’ water bottles are a great success!  Each night they get out their water bottles to put in their lunchboxes.  We’ve only had two spills, and since it was just water all was well.  I got the bottles on Ebay for about $10 each.  They are the Camelbak BPA-free bottles, all decorated to suit their personalities.  Bonus:  the kids drink more water! Great hydration tool.  (Day 41)
  • Cleaning the car.  I am amazed that I have actually followed through with this.  We get all our daily messes out of my car each evening, and I’ve been much cleaner with my vehicle than I ever have before.  We even vacuumed the Cherry Bomb to keep her pretty.  Not too shabby a plan.   (Day 21)
  • ECOS laundry detergent.  I’ve been using the new eco-friendly chemical-free laundry detergent for two weeks now, and I really do like it.  It has coconut oil in it, which it claims is a natural fabric softener.  So I have stopped using the Snuggle, and I have noticed my towels are just as fluffy and soft.  The magnolia and lily fragrance is very subtle, so we’re not overpowered with a detergent smell.  Overall, I have to say this one’s a keeper.  (Day 95)

Even though each new thought and change initially seems pretty overwhelming, I can now see that so much has become habit and contributed largely to a more organized family.  We still have a long way to go, but seeing progress is a real morale booster!