Remember my posts about the Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille Soap that I didn’t want to use as shampoo because it is made from so many natural oils and made my hair feel over-conditioned?  WELL…

I stopped using it on my hair around the last time that I mentioned it, and shortly thereafter I had to reapply the artificial color that keeps me from looking every minute of my true age.  (I said “minute”…don’t get all you-really-do-look-38, technical!)  After that last coloring, I noticed that my hair was much more dry than normal.  I conditioned, but it didn’t seem to help.  I’m not sold on deep-conditioning just yet…my hair goes limp in seconds, so I never want to over-do it.

And then I remembered that the Dr. Bronner’s made my hair so relaxed.  And, seeing as how that is exactly what I was needing, I started using it again.  I only had to use it in my hair for about three days and voila – I’m back to normal. Still using the Apple Cider Vinegar as “conditioner.”  The jury is out on its direct impact, though.  I’m going to implement a self-study comparison between that and regular conditioner over the next couple of weeks. 

Just had to put in a plug for the Castille Soap.  It has some very redeeming qualities.