Today our furry first-born turns 11 years old! Even though I did not celebrate Mabel quite so much on her birthday, plenty of blog posts have been dedicated to her notoriety, so I don’t feel bad doting on Monkey for an entire post on his “77th” birthday!

But he’s just so darn cute, pictures are the only way to do this right. So here they are, snippets of the Yella Dog photo album:

6-weeks old, November 1999

New Year’s Snow, January 1, 2000
Just One of the Boys, 2001

Wearing Daddy’s shirt, 2001

“This babysitting gig is tough!” 2003

“Did somebody say McDawnowd’s?!!” 2004
The Things We Do For The Kids, 2007
Peace, Love, Monkey, May 2008
“What the heck did you bring home?!!” November 2008
After surgery for ruptured ear vessels, 2009.
“You go on to work. I’ll be right here when you get back!” 2010

Eleven years of Monkey love is enough to make us overlook the fur on the sofa, the scratches on the door, and the memories of chewed-up shoes, sofas and remote controls. He’s a genuinely happy guy, and we love him for all the smiles, hugs and wags we get every day.

Happy Birthday, Monk. You’re the Best Yella Dog EVER!!