I’ve been avoiding this topic because your first thought is going to be, “Oh, puhleeze!”  But it’s an issue that warrants the smallest notice, and we do have 249 more days to go, after all. 

I think I jinxed myself.  As soon as I mentioned Placker’s Whitening Flossers and how they saved my flossing routine from utter ruination, suddenly no store in Shreveport carries them anymore.  What is up with that?!!!

I caved and bought the other hook-shaped flossers.  The ones that look like a capital P.  I hate them.  I hate them so much, I stopped flossing for a short period of time.  Stopped altogether.  Yeah, that’ll show those floss makers, huh?

The point is that I nearly hurt myself with the P flossers.  I want my Y-shaped flossers back.  I did find them on drugstore.com, but I haven’t come to terms with adding shipping charges to such a wee-little purchase.  But it’s a price I may have to pay for the benefit of my gums.  I had to admit to my hygienist a couple of weeks ago that I had fallen off the flossing wagon.  And now, I’m steadily trying to climb back on.

So if you live in Shreveport, and you happen to see Plackers Whitening Flossers around town, let me know.    Otherwise, I’ll be forced to skip the back teeth forever.