Some days I just have to vent.  This is one of those days, so please bear with me…Crunchy Granola Mom is on the warpath.  I’m going blind at the computer screen at night researching this stuff.  (And after staring at a computer most of the day at work, you can bet my contact lenses really love me!)  I am reading and researching and putting insane puzzle pieces together as if I were on some Survivor scavenger hunt!  Those are my symptoms; here is the cause:

We have kids all over the place diagnosed with ADD and ADHD, right?  The statistics are genuinely astounding.  We are medicating our babies!  Aside from my stance on medication for this condition, my real beef is this:  why is alternative treatment so hard for people to do/try/accept/give a fighting chance?

And, pardon my bluntness, but why in the hell is NUTRITIONAL PROMOTION considered alternative?!!!!

Are we a society that simply can’t wrap our heads around a solution that doesn’t involve pills??? Are we as parents so busy with our careers and our cell phones and our toys that we don’t want to work for a better solution for our kids?  Why do we automatically believe medication is THE BEST answer?

This makes me think of that 1969 song In the Year 2525 where the lyrics say, “Everything you think, do and say is in the pill you took today.” I can remember hearing that song when I was little.  I loved the song, but if I thought about it too long I would get scared.  I didn’t want our world to end up…artificial.  And yet, with each new thing I learn about our foods and medications, I wonder if that’s exactly where we’re headed. 

Along the line of foods, what I do not get – in any form of the concept – is why on earth we as a nation do not make it easier for parents to choose healthier foods. Why do we have to make it so convenient to downgrade our inherent internal chemistry with artificial colors, preservatives, and chemicals in every food we consume??? 

I am literally researching food nutrients as if I were going to perform some genetic mutation experiment on broccoli.  Should it really be this involved, this difficult? Shouldn’t my federal nutritional agencies be working with me in this endeavor, instead of making it harder for me by approving ingredients as well as medications that can ultimately harm my family? 

And along the line of meds, I DO understand that there are some extreme cases where medication has proven to be a lifesaver in some families.  I do not fault anyone for reaching up when they are at the bottom.  I just feel that not quite as many of us fall into that extreme category as are medicated.  And I’m not mad at parents who medicate.  I’m mad at a system that makes medication easier than natural solutions.  I’m mad at pharmaceutical companies who would rather make a buck now than give full dedication to researching a medicine to make sure it’s not going to render a child infertile as an adult.  Or that it’s not going to kick off some other chemical reaction in their bodies that steps up a cancer growth.  These are  my primary arguments for not medicating my child.  Aside from the shocking side effects of the popular medications, we simply do not know what these drugs will do to our children’s long-term futures.  We only know what they do to the present.  And for me, that simply is not enough information. 

Rant over.  I’ll be sweet again tomorrow.