I have great news to report, following all of my stress surrounding the ADHD diagnosis.  In reviewing Victoria’s grades last week, she still seems to be doing good work – two grades dropped a little because of some tests she took, but that was also the week of going to the doctor and I have to assume she had more on her mind than the “states of matter.”  But the best news of all is that she is steadily bringing her conduct grade up!  In fact, she has made A’s with a couple of B’s interspersed throughout the last two weeks in conduct alone! 

The moral of the story is that yes, we still have much work to do in terms of finding dietary measures that promote mental alertness for her during the school day, but she herself has made major strides in self-control and making better choices.  Her ability to turn her situation around almost entirely on her own willpower speaks volumes to me, despite any formal diagnosis. 

Victoria is still agreeable to finding alternative breakfasts and lunches.  We have already begun supplementing her diet with zinc, magnesium, and Omega-3.  Yesterday morning she had oatmeal pancakes and pronounced them delicious!

I just had to share the positive trends Vic has implemented. We are very proud of her choices!