So much to celebrate, so little time! 

In honor of 1) Jessica’s happily-October birthday, 2) Halloween (duhhh) and 3) my co-workers’ plans to Trick-or-Treat down the halls of our building, I will soon spend some quality time in my kitchen making none other than Pumpkin Praline Muffins to dole out to the masses on Friday. 

Can you possibly think of any better way to celebrate such crisp Octobery days?  (Except that our Louisiana days aren’t quite as crisp as I’d like them to be just yet.)

Now, to fashion this news into an appropriate Purpose Driven Mom post, I have researched all the benefits of pumpkin.  You might want to buckle up. 

You probably already know that pumpkin is full of alpha-carotene, beta-carotene, fiber, vitamins C and E, potassium, magnesium, and pantothenic acid.  Big deal, right? You bet your pumpkin it’s big!  These nutrients work in our bodies to boost our immune systems, renew our skin and balance our bodies’ fluid levels (who couldn’t use some of that?!)  There are some reports that it can lower cholesterol, fight cancer and osteoporosis, benefit the prostate, relieve inflammation and arthritis, and fight free radicals.  Busy little fellas, aren’t they?  In addition to all this, pumpkin seeds are also a fab source of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which we now know helps the synapses fire so little Suzies and Johnnies don’t get so distracted in class!  (I foresee pumpkin seeds in Victoria’s lunchbox!)

I’m taking my pumpkin from two sources this year: The first source, of course, the almighty can.  Drug Emporium/Vitamins Plus sells organic canned pumpkin for about 50 cents more than the non-organic at Wal Mart. Not bad.  But I will also for the first time ever try to use fresh pumpkin for my baking.  I know the kids will enjoy helping me scoop out the guts and carve a cute face.  And we will all enjoy feasting on the roasted pumpkin seeds, provided I don’t get carried away and burn everyone out on pumpkin in the process. 

Last year I bought pumpkins for the sole purpose of outdoor decorating in the Fall.  When Thanksgiving was over, I took the decorating advice of Southern Living and spray-painted my pumpkins gold.  They sat in front of my flowerbeds announcing a fallishly-festive Christmas.  But I wasn’t so green last year.  This year will be different in many ways.  Perhaps after using a couple of pumpkins as décor, I’ll toss them into the new garden in hopes of having my own crop next year. 

So pumpkin reigns supreme.  Sorry, spray-paint.  I will have to find other uses for you.  😉