You may notice that I just updated the site with a new page called “Our Story.”  This details my actual purpose and shares a good bit of history behind the changes.  It also took most of my evening to write, which left limited time for today’s post.  

So I thought we could all use a good laugh.  While I was at the computer, with Mason the Big Yella Dog asleep by my chair, I was aware that Mabel the Little Black Vixen Dog was M.I.A.   If you know any of my Mabel stories from my other blog, you know that her being out of sight is a bad, bad thing.

I stepped away from the computer to answer the telephone and chat with Dom as he drove home with the kids, and during this time I saw Mabel dart in and out of the pantry, skittering off in her customary you-don’t-see-me-running-with-stuff-I’m-not-supposed-to-have fashion.  I followed her – no, I chased her – into the den as I noticed a lollipop stick poking out of her mouth.

An organic lollipop, mind you.

Mabel darted under the coffee table, and I met her in the middle underneath, reaching with my one free hand (the phone was still to my ear in the other hand) to wrestle the sucker from her mouth. I pulled it free, and that’s when I noticed the rest…literally eight lollipop sticks and wrappers littered the carpet under the coffee table.  I told Dom if those sticks had been beer cans, our den would have looked like a fraternity house.  I wish I had taken a photo of it, but my first instinct was to clean it all up.  I laughed at the fact that she unwrapped each sucker first, then ate the candy off of the stick, and left the sticks and wrappers behind.  And I know she only steals one sucker at a time, so imagine her going back and forth from the “supply cabinet” to the “work area” with her snacks. 

What’s today’s new habit, you ask???  We’re going to make sure the pantry door – as well as the lid on lollipop canister – is securely closed from now on!