Whaddaya say we talk some trash?

Our city got curbside recycling a couple of years ago.  Since then, my family has been fully on board with the whole idea of recycling and reusing.  (We’re not so good at reducing just yet…it’s a process.)  I have a special trashcan in the kitchen that has two sections – one for recycling discards.  We graduated to the dual-purpose trashcan after having a single waste bin while our recyclables went into a super-sized gift bag stored under the kitchen sink.

But, no matter the particular room of the house, if you choose to recycle you will encounter recyclables in every aspect of your home/day/life. 

Like the bathroom.  There are a ton of recyclables in the bathroom!!  Paper Dixie cups, boxes, bottles, toilet paper rolls.  I had the bright idea one day several months back to have two trash cans in each bathroom.  In the master bath, I bought two identical cans.  Problem solved, right?

Yeah, except that I noticed a few weeks ago that Dom and I keep getting confused over which trashcan is for recycling, and which one is for actual trash.  (Do toothpaste tubes get recycled?  I vote no, but feel free to chime in.  And what about Kleenexes that I have blotted my lipstick with?)  Anyway, I notice that our confusion over what to put where results in us essentially having two trash cans. 

So I think that either I need to put some decoration on the recycling can or we need to settle once and for all whether trash goes into the left or the right, and what constitutes an appropriate bathroom recyclable on the questionable items. 

I’m guessing it would be rude to interrupt the baseball game to discuss this with him.  😉