“Mommy, can we clean the fish tank today?”

“Sure, sweetie.  We can do that after we fold all the laundry.”

“Mommy, will you exercise with me?” (As if I can afford to turn that down!)

“Of course.  After we put up the groceries.”

“Hey, mommy, let’s clean the den before Daddy and Aaron get home so they will be surprised!”

“That’s a great idea, love.  But first, we have to bake these cupcakes.”

Ya wanna place bets on whether I ever got to clean the fish tank, exercise, OR clean the den?

Actually, I did dust the den.  Surely that counts.  Ignore the dog hair on the carpet, please. 

Thirty cupcakes, four grocery stores, five loads of laundry, two episodes of iCarly and one pet shop later, I realize that my Saturday has slipped away, and I still have not tilled up my garden in the back yard.  Nor mowed my yard.  I found the water bill, which is still unpaid and due Monday.  And a fish died in our tank.  For all that I accomplished today, my efforts feel almost worthless.

Almost.  I did have one of those reality check moments today during dinner.  Since Aaron and Dom are hunting today, Vic and I had the whole day together.  Or rather, she was inundated in my schedule for the entire day.  We stopped for meatball subs on the way home from the last store tonight, and as we sat at our kitchen table, exhausted from the activity of the day, my eyes fell onto a dinner roll recipe I intended to test today.  Victoria saw me looking at it, and she swiped the paper away from my gaze.  “Don’t look at that, Mommy.  I want you to talk to me.”

Point taken, sweetie.  Let’s chat.