Thanks to my mom’s undying generosity, I finally got my hands on George Mateljan’s book for more than ten minutes.  She even let me borrow it for the day.  Eeep!!!

So, now that I have time to peruse it at my leisure today, I am stumbling upon more information and more great ways George helps ease us into eating the world’s healthiest foods.  Lo and behold (can you hear my Southern accent in that?) there is already a two week meal plan and a four week introductory plan. (The latter is more acceptable for slower starters.  You know I’m going to dive right into the two week free-for-all!) The four week plan allows you to gradually get accustomed to the healthiest foods by first introducing antioxidant-rich fruits, then immune-supporting vegetables and salads, then anti-inflammatory cold- and fresh-water fish, then heart-healthy nuts, seeds and legumes.  If you ever wanted to venture into healthier eating, this is a painless way to do it. 

Without much to post today, I will be reading and determining how best to tackle my two-week food fest!  And I think I may go ahead and include it around Thanksgiving, and be grateful for my ability to change what needs changing!