Even though today has been consumed by grocery shopping, I have found a few things to report.  Things like: 1) there isn’t a single organic boneless chicken breast with skin on it in the entire city of Shreveport; 2) pumpkins still abound – roast some seeds, people!, 3) Wal-Mart is upping its stock of organic products,   (yay for Wal-Mart!  Now, if they would only “up their stock” of employee happiness!) and 4) sixty square feet of garden space isn’t as big as you might think. 

Aside from the fun I had at the grocery stores today, we also (finally) marked off my garden area.  It looks a little puny, but it’s probably best if I start small.  Not my style, but best nonetheless.   I determined that the cost of implementing my garden (before seed costs) will be roughly $100.  I have between now and January to decide what I’m going to plant and try to assimilate some sort of rotation schedule.  That’s going to require a fair amount of planning, and mom has armed me with all her books.

And, speaking of mom’s books, Dom and I flipped through the World’s Healthiest Foods book today in order to plan the menus for the last half of November.  We settled on four days from George’s two week plan.  I still have to head to a seafood market for some decent salmon and scallops this week.  But I realized something entirely important about George’s meals.  While I thought that I would have to have a ton of ingredients on hand, and was overwhelmed with the thought of perusing those 800 pages to come up with not only menus, but grocery lists as well, I actually found that if I keep a certain few ingredients on hand, I can pretty much cover about any recipe.

Chicken broth, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice seem to be the staples of his recipes.  So basically, if you have those four ingredients and some fresh veggies or fresh meat, you can have a healthy and satisfying meal. I was going to buy winter squash today, but I decided I’d use the pumpkins I have left over in place of the squash as a side dish this week.  (Hey – same gourd family.  It’s all good!)  I can’t wait to report on the meals as we try them.  I’ll probably do the whole two week thing sometime in December or January, now that I’ve got Dom interested in trying some of these recipes.  Baby steps…