I have an announcement to make.  A pre-confession, if you will. An indulgence to which I plan whole-heartedly to succumb with reckless abandon. 

I will feast unashamed on candy canes this holiday season. 

Yes, I know that they are mostly processed sugar and corn syrup, and that they even contain the detestable Red 40.  I don’t care.  It will soon be Christmas, and I want my candy canes!

There are 45 calories in the big boys, 12 in the minis.  For a little uplifting peppermint and some Christmas spirit, I think can handle that.  Just wanted you to be aware, lest you spy me with a red & white hook hanging out of my mouth and wonder what in the world happened to my obsession with organic foods.

I have also been trying to get ingredient information on Hershey’s Candy Cane Kisses, since they are also a guilty pleasure of mine during the holidays.  The internet is not very forthcoming with the ingredient list, which means that I will have to force myself down the candy aisle at the grocery store in order to read the bag of kisses and determine if I’m willing to indulge myself in them as well.  I’ll let you know if they make the grade.