The past week has been filled with sniffles and sinus trouble for my children.  Fortunately no fever, but still yucky enough to make them want to stay in bed all day.  Friday night when Victoria came home it sounded like she was crying.  But it was just an overload of sniffles.  I say again, O. VER. LOAD. 

We have taken Zyrtec for our sniffles, allergies, and what-not for quite some time.  I like the convenience of the 24-hour tablet, and it works on my icky allergies, fast.  One of the things I have noticed about my kiddos is that Aaron shares most of my allergies.  Victoria is more like Dom in that there’s no specific trigger that can be counted on consistently.  At any rate, the Zyrtec has always worked for us.  Except that since this week’s trouble likely is more attributable to the change in weather and the fact that most kids are sneezing and coughing, an antihistamine was probably not what we needed.

Now, since all this dietary change has come about I make a point to read the ingredients on EVERYTHING.  I headed to the nearest pharmacy last night in hopes of finding something that I could give Vic this morning, once I was sure the Zyrtec was out of her system.  I read every label for children’s runny nose medicines.  And every label had something I was already trying to avoid.  Red 40.  Yellow 6.  Propylene glycol. Saccharin. 

Is nothing sacred?????

As I scanned the pharmacy wall for any medicine that might work without cheesy chemicals, I saw a homeopathic remedy for allergies.  I pulled the box off of the shelf and proceeded to read the label where I learned that this same manufacturer also offers a sniffly-sneezy fix, but that particular variety was not on the shelf at this pharmacy.  I made a mental note that since Vic couldn’t take any meds until the next morning anyway, I’d head to Sunshine Health Foods in the morning and get a homeopathic medicine for her then. 

I wasn’t sure what to think about homeopathic medicines.  I mean, they sound so intriguing.  But I don’t know squat about them, so I’m a little concerned about testing them out on my kids.  I’d much rather test things out on me where I can understand the reactions first.  But I researched a bit and learned that homeopathic medicines don’t guarantee a fast cure and they don’t fight the cold directly, rather they strengthen the immune system and help give the body what it needs to do the fighting on its own. Most of what I read said that homeopathic treatment could reduce the duration of the cold by half.  And with the benefit of no artificial colors or synthetic chemicals, that sounded pretty good to me.     

But I also have to report that some claimed most homeopathic remedies are effective as placebo, and basically indicated that the remedies would be completely useless because of this dilution process that is used.  Yet between all the pluses and minuses of homeopathy, the one constant from both sides was that they do no harm.  So I figured, what the heck?

Fast forward to this morning.  I stood at Sunshine looking through their plethora of homeopathic remedies.  What I found was Hyland’s Sniffles and Sneezes, which are tiny little tablets that dissolve under the tongue.  Super easy.  And super fast, too, despite the fact that I didn’t think it would “work” right away.  Vic, who went through a brand new box of Kleenexes in under an hour last night, might have used three tissues this afternoon. 

Placebo effect? Maybe.  Maybe not.  Maybe she just finally ran out of snot, bless her heart.  I just know she’s fine as wine again and there are no longer piles of Kleenexes following her around.  And just to see if I can prevent any colds, I’ll probably start treating both kids with sesame oil, but that’s another post for another day…