This, I know.  As I type this post, my arms and my back are killing me with the kind of pain that foreshadows me not being able to dress myself tomorrow.  Mom already warned me that I probably won’t be able to reach up to style my hair.  Even my fingernails hurt from the digging and grabbing I had to do with my gloves on.  But my garden – my new garden where I plan to grow all manner of foods – is finally built. 

I announced this morning that I was going to work on my garden (which then consisted of two sticks in the dirt to mark the outer corners), and then I hobbled into the den to stretch out a back spasm that stopped me with every third step.  Dom raised an eyebrow as he asked me, “Are you sure you want to go dig up a garden when you’re hurting before you even start?” Hey, that’s me…the reigning Queen of Overdrive.  I originally intended to get the grass pulled up and the bottom row of bricks laid in.  But, what can I say?  I am a little bit stubborn.  Okay, okay… I am downright obstinate.  Happy now?  Once I got going on this project, nothing but nothing, including screaming muscles, was going to stop me. 

I spent the better part of four hours working on this.  I took four breaks.  One to eat lunch and rehydrate, another to get more tools and rehydrate, and two breaks to give Mabel “kisses,” as she presented herself in my face and would not move until she had received appropriate affection. 

And despite the pain, and the fact that I am now slathered up with Burt’s Bees Muscle Mend (which works nicely, by the way) I am pleased with the end result, and Dom seems relatively impressed with my progress:


Whatcha think?  It ended up being about three feet wider than I originally planned.  I didnt realize beforehand how tee-ninecy sixty square feet would look.  So I fudged on my side borders a bit.   Next on the agenda is getting all the grass out of it, and purchasing some organic supplies to add to the soil.  I’ll get in it each weekend and fluff the dirt around and pull weeds as we prepare for the spring.  And I found a nice fence border that will keep puppy paws on the proper side of the brick.  Perhaps a little statue of St. Francis would be nice, too.  🙂