Yesterday was a coveted day off from work…a day I usually spend with my mom doing our last minute Christmas shopping, which this year in my case was everything I was unable to buy on-line.  We spent ALL DAY rummaging through department stores until we were both ready to drop.  Then the concert, then home late to bed, then up again to go back to work…

And I haven’t stopped since.  The last little chore I thought I would tackle tonight was the wrapping of some of the gifts purchased yesterday.  Boxes, tissue paper and bows littered the entire den while I whittled my presents into picturesque displays.  Crumpled price tags were on the floor beneath the coffee table, as were bits of wrapping paper – sort of like the paper scraps that result from cutting out snowflakes.   Oh, and Mason was laying there too.

As I picked up my mess and put all my supplies away, I saw what I thought were cardboard scraps laying on the carpet just beside where I had been kneeling.  I scooped it up and instantly realized it was not of my making.  Mason had thrown up.  And there I was, holding it in my bare hand. 

At this point, it’s just too bad I’ve sworn off medication.