I have spent my day engrossed in one of the best gifts of the season: the 2011 Farmer’s Almanac. Mom gave me the almanac and the Almanac Garden Journal. This makes me really anxious to go ahead and get started on my backyard garden. The best part is the pages of the journal that tell me what companion plants will help roots of my veggies while deterring pests. I can already tell that I am going to be referencing this resource a lot while journaling the progress of my garden!

In addition to being a great gardening resource, the almanac itself references holy days and saints’ feast days. I chuckle at the fact that I will use this information much more than the tide charts.

Oh, another interesting feature of the almanac: current trends for the year. 2011 ushers in peacock colors for decorating and v-neck shirts for men to reveal their chest hair. Heaven help us, the 70s are back! Hey, the Almanac doesn’t lie! 😉